Meet Angela

 Hi, I'm Angela! I am a clean eating, animal loving, joke telling, outdoor adventurer & fitness enthusiast who loves motivating and inspiring others to live a healthier more fulfilling life.  I am a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, founder of The Empowered Dyansty!  I get to work from home, on my own terms, without answering to anyone, leaving more time to take my dog for walks, day dream about my future family, and find fun new recipes to cook! My purpose and passion it pay it forward and help others feel empowered to overcome past failures and struggles, make big goals, and surpass them! I am an over-comer of self doubt, self sabotage and addiction. Being a coach has helped me stay accountable to myself, kept me on path to my weight loss goals, and along the way I've gotten to inspire others to start their journey too.

Even though I have overcome weight problems, it doesn't mean I didn't try EVERYTHING in attempts to get where I am now.  I have tried every fad diet, weight loss pill and every gimmick there is out there. I have tried the gym, personal trainers and fitness classes. Nothing worked for me, and what did work I didn't stick with or couldn't afford to continue my efforts and soon fall back into old patterns.  Thankfully I found my coach who has helped me conquer past habits and failures, and now I get to pay it forward to others looking for a way off the never ending weight loss merry-go-round. I know what it's like to be desperate to stop that cycle and to feel stuck at the same time...But it can be done.

Although I have been in those shoes before, I also know what it's like to prevail and triumph in getting fit and healthy.  I have learned how to set goals, make a plan and ATTACK! Nothing makes me happier than helping others learn and utilize the tools necessary to reaching their goals and seeing them accomplish much more than they set out to. I always knew that helping people was in my DNA.  I went from Hairdresser, to nurse, to where I found my true calling: Coaching!

Being a coach is so much more to me than living a life of freedom by my own design.  I get to help people regain confidence, find love for themselves and feel so damn empowered. I know the hurt and heartache that it is to walk past a mirror and want to cry. I know what it's like to not want to wear shorts in the summer, or to not have any pictures of you with your loved ones because you'd rather be behind the camera.  I PROMISE you it gets better so don't lost hope.  You can overcome ANY obstacle!  You CAN feel confident, you CAN feel happy, you CAN succeed. I believe in you, beautiful. Believe in yourself and get EMPOWERED!

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