Sunday, September 11, 2016


This week is honestly one of the first times that I have sat down, planned the entire week, grocery shopped, meal prepped, and portioned EVERYTHING out.  I am already extremely relieved that it's all completed and that I don't have to worry about ANYTHING this week.  Well except for making a grocery list and getting prep done next Sunday.

Being a full time student, working full time, AND building my own business takes a LOT of hard work and time.  It is so easy to grab unhealthy options or order take-out on days I just don't feel like cooking.  This planner and taking the five minutes to fill it out really helps me stay on track with my health and fitness goals.

I utilize the color coded portion control container system from Beachbody.  I hate having to count calories, points, or weigh my food.  This is simple enough- if it fits in the containers- eat it!  Each color is specific to a certain food group.  It is honestly fool proof and has become second nature and habit to use this system!  This is the portion control system that is partnered with the 21 Day Fix!

Here is a printable blank version of the weekly workout and meal planner that I use!

If you're interested in utilizing the portion control system alone you can find them here:
US Customers    l     CA Customers

If you want to take your health a step further and elevate your results with Shakeology and an at home fitness program that includes the portion control system at a discounted bundle CLICK HERE and follow the steps shown in the picture!

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