Sunday, September 11, 2016


This week is honestly one of the first times that I have sat down, planned the entire week, grocery shopped, meal prepped, and portioned EVERYTHING out.  I am already extremely relieved that it's all completed and that I don't have to worry about ANYTHING this week.  Well except for making a grocery list and getting prep done next Sunday.

Being a full time student, working full time, AND building my own business takes a LOT of hard work and time.  It is so easy to grab unhealthy options or order take-out on days I just don't feel like cooking.  This planner and taking the five minutes to fill it out really helps me stay on track with my health and fitness goals.

I utilize the color coded portion control container system from Beachbody.  I hate having to count calories, points, or weigh my food.  This is simple enough- if it fits in the containers- eat it!  Each color is specific to a certain food group.  It is honestly fool proof and has become second nature and habit to use this system!  This is the portion control system that is partnered with the 21 Day Fix!

Here is a printable blank version of the weekly workout and meal planner that I use!

If you're interested in utilizing the portion control system alone you can find them here:
US Customers    l     CA Customers

If you want to take your health a step further and elevate your results with Shakeology and an at home fitness program that includes the portion control system at a discounted bundle CLICK HERE and follow the steps shown in the picture!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Chicken "Fried Rice"

Recently I have discovered that I really LOVE hibachi.  I was getting borderline addicted.  There is an awesome place about 15 miles from my house which is far enough to not go every day, but close to the point where my abs disappeared and I went up a pant size.  Yeah, it's THAT good.  I needed to get back in a healthy routine FAST.  I'm standing up in my best friends wedding and need that dress to zip again!  

Working full time, being a full time student, and running a business leaves little room for free time.  I like to meal prep one day a week so that I'm set for the week ahead to make good choices.  This means I eat a LOT of the same foods.  Getting back on track with a healthy routine meant healthy meal prep.  I was feeling less than excited for the typical steamed broccoli and grilled chicken, so I decided to search the web for a solid recipe full of nutrition, but tastes like one of my favorite treat meals.  That is when I found a recipe for Paleo "Fried Rice."  I'll pause here so you can do the same happy dance I did when I discovered this brilliant concoction.


Now that the excitement is out of the way, let's get down to business.

What you'll need:

Large fry pan
Food processor (or cheese grater)
Cutting Board
Large Knife
Measuring Spoons
Measuring Cup
Wooden Spoon/Spatula

Groceries For Rice:
1 Large head of cauliflower
1 Large onion diced (I used red)
1 1/2 Cup diced carrots (I got a bag of matchstick carrots and threw them into the food processor)
1/2 Cup diced green onions
1 Tsp Garlic powder
1 Tsp Himalayan or Sea Salt
1-2 Tsp Ground Ginger (I used 2 because I LOVE ginger)
1/2 Cup Coconut Aminos (Similar to soy sauce without added sodium and soy)
2 Tbsp Coconut oil
3 Large Eggs

Groceries For Chicken:
Three Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Cubed
Coconut Aminos
3-4 Cloves of Garlic chopped
1 Tsp Coconut oil

1.  Start with marinating your chicken!  Place cubed chicken in a ziplock back with garlic and enough coconut aminos to coat the chicken completely.  I marinated my chicken overnight, but 6-8 hours should be enough.

2.  Cut the cauliflower into 1-2 inch pieces discarding the stems.  Pulse in a food processor a couple times until it is in a rice like consistency.  Do not over chop the cauliflower or it will start to get mushy!  If you don't have a food processor, grate the cauliflower.  It's a little more time consuming but will get the job done!  Set the Cauliflower aside for later.  You can even do this days ahead of time and just refrigerate until you're ready to prep the rice!

3.  In large fry pan, over medium heat add 2 Tbsp Coconut oil.  Add onion and carrots stirring frequently, adding garlic powder, ginger, and salt while cooking.  Cook until carrots and onion are soft (about 8-10 minutes).

4.  Add cauliflower and coconut aminos.  Stir frequently so that rice, onion, carrots, and aminos are mixed well.  Cook until cauliflower is soft like rice (about 5-7 minutes).

5.  To scramble the eggs I used a separate fry pan because there was too much moisture in the "rice" pan.  If the bottom of your pan isn't covered with aminos and water that cooked out of the veggies, simply push mixture to the side and scramble your eggs in the same pan.

6.  Fold in scrambled eggs, add green onions, stir until everything is mixed evenly.

7.  Remove from heat and serve!

This stays HOT for a while so you can just empty into a bowl and cover with foil while you cook your chicken or distribute it in containers to portion your meals for the week!  It's even better as leftovers as the flavors marry together more in the fridge!

The chicken is extremely simple to do!  I took the bag of marinated chicken out of the fridge about an hour before I wanted to cook it.  This allows the chicken to come more to room temperature so that it cooks evenly!

In large fry pan bring 1 tsp coconut oil to medium - high heat.  Add chicken mixture stirring frequently to ensure chicken is cooked completely.  Add more coconut aminos and bring pan to a simmer for a couple minutes just before chicken is finished.  This adds extra moisture so the chicken doesn't dry out.

Mix with rice and enjoy!  I'm extremely pleased with this recipe and can't wait to have it this week!  It's always exciting when a healthy spin on a tasty meal works out perfectly!