Monday, September 15, 2014

There are so many foods that are part of a new health power-food craze like Maca, Chia Seeds and Teff, that it can be overwhelming and a little intimidating to venture out with this uncommon foods. If you're a little hesitant to trying these strange named foods but want a diet that's power packed with nutrients you can still get it with the more common foods we all know and love. It's even been proven that some of our regular go-to's are healthier and cheaper than the trendier options!

TOMATOES: Low calorie and are one of the highest sources of cancer-fighting antioxidants-lycopene. Slice them up and sprinkle them with some pepper, salt, and EVOO.

RED BELL PEPPERS: One cup has triple the amount of our daily need of vitamin C, which helps with skin and powers up your immune system. They are loaded with antioxidants and ant-inflamtory benefits. Add them to any dish, grill them up, or slice them and dip in your favorite hummus or guacamole.

BROCCOLI: We all know that Broccoli has a PLETHORA of health benefits.  It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and even aids in better heart health and bone strength. Did you know that one cup of broccoli contains as much protein, but half the calories as a cup of rice or corn? This veggie also aids in digestion and detoxification and helps alkalinize your body. (Click here to learn more about eating for balance and an alkaline vs acidic body) 

PUMPKIN: Packed with fiber, this fall veggie has 3 grams of the beneficial nutrient per 1 cup serving and clocks in at only 50 calories. This keeps you fuller and satisfied longer. Their seeds can even help your heart health and boost our mood too! But here's the real kicker, pumpkin contain more potassium than a banana making them a great post workout snack with way less sugar.

BEETS: This purple veggie helps lower blood pressure Beets are full of phytonutrients that help fight cancer, aid in inflammation and detox your body. They also help increase your stamina, so throw one in your pre-workout shake next time for an extra boost during your WOD. Don't forget to eat the greens too! Beet greens can help fight Alzheimer's and osteoporosis and boost your immune system by producing antibodies and white blood cells. Sautee the greens with spinach and Swiss chard or add them raw to your Shakeology or juice.

The bottom line is you don't have to break the bank buying into the latest and greatest power-food fads. Head to the produce section and grab what's in season and organic if possible. Don't forget to wash your produce first! Don't get me wrong, these new super-foods have incredible benefits for your body, but if you're intimidated or overwhelmed- stick to the basics and remember- the more wholesome the food, the healthier your body will be. Take care of your temple ✌️

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